UPDATE 591房屋交易-租屋買屋查房價首選APP Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

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Download 591房屋交易-租屋買屋查房價首選APP versi terbaru terupdate 4.0.7 2021-02-22 yang sudah di download 1,000,000+ kali dengan total ratting

Deskripsi 591房屋交易-租屋買屋查房價首選APP (Diambil dari PlayStore)

| 海量物件:租屋、中古屋、新建案、商用地產
| 房價查詢:實價登錄2.0、社區實價登錄、房價走勢
| 特色找房:地圖找房、捷運找房、學區找房、720全景看房
| 新建案動態:新屋優惠、最新公開銷售、熱門建案、新成屋資訊、預售屋資訊
| 商業地產:店面租售、辦公室租售、廠房租售、土地租售
| 買房工具:實價登錄查詢、房貸利率查詢、房貸試算、房地合一稅試算、海砂屋查詢
| 新聞資訊:即時新聞、最新市況、政策階段、建案開箱






高空環景,影音開箱 多種方式讓賞屋身臨其境。











“591 Housing Transaction” provides free inquiries about the latest and most comprehensive housing information in Taiwan, and 600,000 people look for housing online every day.
| Massive properties: rented houses, middle-aged houses, new projects, commercial real estate
| House price query: real price login 2.0, community real price login, housing price trend
| Featured house search: map house search, MRT house search, school district house search, 720 panoramic view
| New housing developments: new housing discounts, latest public sales, popular projects, new housing information, pre-sale housing information
| Commercial real estate: store rent and sale, office rent and sale, factory rent and sale, land rent and sale
| Tools for buying a house: real price login query, mortgage interest rate query, mortgage trial calculation, real estate combined tax trial calculation, sea sand house query
| News information: real-time news, latest market conditions, policy phases, unboxing

【Lease and Sale】
——More than 80,000 rental properties and 220,000 medieval properties
The most, newest and lowest-priced housing rental and trading platform in Taiwan.

——Good house, within easy reach
The tenant’s favorite homeowner published, the buyer’s favorite reduced price home.

——Intimate service to help you find a house quickly
Provide a variety of search methods: regional housing search, MRT housing search, school housing search, business district housing search;
If you are interested in the house, immediately contact the owner & agent to chat with you through instant messaging.

——Commercial Real Estate
The brand-new commercial real estate has been independently displayed at the main function entrance of the homepage, where the store/business office/land/factory/tops are all here!

【New Case】
——Information on 4900+ new projects on sale, 150,000 people appreciate homes online every day.
The latest and most comprehensive information about new houses in Taiwan is the first choice for users who buy new houses. Pre-sale homes, new existing homes, all available!

——720 panoramic view house
Surrounding scenery at high altitude, unpacking audio and video in a variety of ways to make the house immersive.

——Unpacking the case
The 591 editor made a field visit to conduct a comprehensive and professional comprehensive analysis of the construction project.

——591 House Tour
Selected cases, experts to take to see, the whole journey is free.

【Real price login】
Grasp the latest housing prices anytime, anywhere, map display, and draw a circle to view the latest housing transaction prices and listing prices in the community. The first choice for 100,000 buyers to check prices every day!

——Convenient! The bargaining space is clear at a glance;
Through program comparison, the real price registration is attributed to the community, and 591 exclusive listing average price is provided, so that you can quickly grasp the bargaining space.

——The most accurate! Restore the truest transaction price;
Excluding special transactions, splitting parking spaces, and combining with 591 massive listings, calculated by big data, the unit price error rate is only within 5%.

——The most complete! Community covering the whole Taiwan;
Provide more than 30,000 communities and 2.6 million real-price registrations across Taiwan, which are updated simultaneously with the Ministry of the Interior.

【591 News】
——Latest market conditions
Get first-hand regional market conditions and market conditions.

–policy analyzing
Focus on the latest policies and grasp the opportunity to buy a house.

——Real Estate School
Understand the knowledge points of buying, selling and renting a house.

——Out of the box
On-site visits to provide the most comprehensive strategy for construction projects.

【Customer Service Hotline】
Phone: 02-55722000
Mailbox: service@591.com.tw
– 優化新手指引等地圖體驗,助您使用更順手!
– 新增快速恢復歷史查看位置,小功能更貼心!
– 新建案社區也能比價啦,更多細節優化,等您來體驗!

– 優化新手指引等地圖體驗,助您使用更順手!
– 新增快速恢復歷史查看位置,小功能更貼心!
– 新建案社區也能比價啦,更多細節優化,等您來體驗!

– 租屋加值優惠活動來襲!精選、置頂低至27折,快來搶購!
– 新增公寓、透天查詢,實現門牌全揭露!
– 升級展示樣式,實價資料一目了然!
– 優化地圖定位,社區位置更準確!
– 更多細節優化,等您來體驗!

– 新增公寓、透天查詢,實現門牌全揭露!
– 升級展示樣式,實價資料一目了然!
– 優化地圖定位,社區位置更準確!
– 更多細節優化,等您來體驗!
– 租屋加值優惠活動來襲!精選、置頂低至27折,快來搶購!

Detail 591房屋交易-租屋買屋查房價首選APP

Nama Aplikasi : 591房屋交易-租屋買屋查房價首選APP

Versi : 4.0.7

Tanggal Update : 2021-02-22

App ID : com.addcn.android.house591

Total Install : 1,000,000+

Total Ratting :

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UPDATE 591-APP Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

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