UPDATE クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

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Download クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ versi terbaru terupdate 2021-02-09 yang sudah di download 10,000,000+ kali dengan total ratting

Deskripsi クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ (Diambil dari PlayStore)











◆ The Cookpad app has been renewed!
We have renewed the app to find and expand the enjoyment of cooking.

1. Find an “idea” for the dish you want to cook
Introducing recipes with everyone’s impressions every day!
Discover unexpected culinary ideas!

2. “Search” to find any recipe
You can now search from the “recommended points” of everyone who made the recipe!

3. You can collect your own “Kiroku”
Easily record the recipes you want to make!
The more you enjoy cooking, the more you will accumulate.

Please enjoy the new Cookpad!

Approximately 74 million monthly users and more than 3.3 million recipes posted!
The official app of “Cookpad”, Japan’s largest cooking recipe search and posting service.

■ Features of Cookpad App
You can search by categories such as meat, fish, vegetables, lunch boxes, sweets, and bread, genres such as Japanese food and Chinese food, and food names and ingredient names such as hamburger steak and curry.
You can easily find any recipe from over 3.3 million items.

Over 3.3 million recipes posted by everyone in Japan. We have a wide range of easy-to-make and delicious recipes, from simple recipes that can be used for everyday menus to authentic recipes.

Anyone can save an unlimited number of their favorite recipes.
If you use it, you will have your own recipe book!

■ More convenient! Premium service
・ Search by popularity: You can search recipes by popularity!
・ Hall of Fame recipes: You can see the recipes for more than 1000 people in the Hall of Fame!
・ Daily access number ranking: Daily introduction of access number TOP recipes
・ Premium menu: You can see the nutritional menu supervised by a registered dietitian!
・ Specially selected recipes: Recipes according to the purpose of professional supervision such as diet and baby food
-Search for saved recipes: Conveniently search for many saved recipes!

■ Recommended for people like this!
・ I want to know the recipes that everyone is making
・ I want to know the recipe that can be made with the ingredients of the refrigerator
・ I want to know simple dishes that are quick and delicious
・ I want to cook food that makes my family happy while saving money
・ I want to increase my repertoire
・ I want to make menu decisions easier
・ I want to eat seasonal ingredients deliciously
・ I want to take off the rut of daily lunch side dishes

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Detail クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ

Nama Aplikasi : クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ

Versi :

Tanggal Update : 2021-02-09

App ID : com.cookpad.android.activities

Total Install : 10,000,000+

Total Ratting :

Gambar Foto Screenshoot クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ

UPDATE -No.1 Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

Download クックパッド-No.1料理レシピ検索アプリ


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