UPDATE DBS digibank SG Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

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Download DBS digibank SG versi terbaru terupdate 2021-01-29 yang sudah di download 1,000,000+ kali dengan total ratting

Deskripsi DBS digibank SG (Diambil dari PlayStore)

– Peek at account balance without logging in
– Open just one fixed deposit account for all currencies and change your maturity instruction real-time
– Apply for accounts, loans and credit cards
– Transfer money overseas with DBS Remit – same-day transfers, S$0 fees
– Save time with Smart Shortcuts, based on your top actions
– Move seamlessly between digibank and PayLah! just a one-time login

– Manage money better, from paying bills and subscriptions, to tracking cashflow and growing your money with personalised insights
– Get reminders on upcoming payments, insights on possible duplicated payments and sudden bill increases
– Verify your transactions securely with Digital Token
– Chat with digibot for help on your account, transactions, or even loan application – on-demand 24/7
– With the new insights tab, you get improved links and prefilled information. We’re making the next step in your banking journey more convenient, so you can focus on what matters the most.
– Get a full picture of your money across financial and government institutions in one place
– Get a financial overview with personalised insights to help achieve your financial goals
– Plan for your retirement with smart cashflow projections that take into account inflation and complex CPF rules
– Calculate exactly the insurance coverage you need and plan ahead for your dependants
– Find solutions to save, protect and grow your money effortlessly

– Step 1: Download DBS digibank app
– Step 2a: Existing customer: Register with your DBS ATM/Debit/Credit Card number and PIN, or via SingPass Face Verification (Singaporean/PR only)
– Step 2b: New customer: Sign up with MyInfo and start banking with a bank account, debit card, PayNow and PayLah! (for all nationalities – NEW!)
– Step 3: Set up your Digital Token and you’re done!

– DBS digibank SG app will not respond to user taps when there are overlaying apps/settings i.e. brightness control, blue filter, and alike. Close them first before logging in
– Disable VPN and connect to a stable and secure data or WiFi
– If you have a firewall or device security app installed, check if you have granted access to digibank app via your security/firewall app

1. Uninstall DBS digibank SG app
2. Restart phone and ensure Android OS is running on latest version
3. Re-install DBS digibank SG app.
This is more than just a banking app! Now, you can move seamlessly between digibank and PayLah! to access banking and lifestyle needs easily. It’s also a personal financial management tool that helps you plan for financial freedom and consolidates all your external financial information across banks and government institutions – so you can stay on top of all your finances. NAV Planner can now calculate exactly how much insurance coverage you need, so you never under, or over insure.

Detail DBS digibank SG

Nama Aplikasi : DBS digibank SG

Versi :

Tanggal Update : 2021-01-29

App ID : com.dbs.sg.dbsmbanking

Total Install : 1,000,000+

Total Ratting :

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UPDATE DBS digibank SG Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

Download DBS digibank SG


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