UPDATE ピッコマ – 人気マンガが待てば無料の漫画アプリ Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

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Download ピッコマ – 人気マンガが待てば無料の漫画アプリ versi terbaru terupdate 5.20.9 2021-02-17 yang sudah di download 5,000,000+ kali dengan total ratting 10.0

Deskripsi ピッコマ – 人気マンガが待てば無料の漫画アプリ (Diambil dari PlayStore)





・ゴッド オブ ブラックフィールド









Android OS 5.0以上

Piccoma is a manga app that you can enjoy for ¥ 0 if you wait for shounen manga / shojo manga / youth manga / women’s manga. We distribute more than 50,000 popular titles, from animated manga to original novels made into movies.

[Characteristics of Piccoma]

◆ Free if about 13,000 works are waiting!
If you wait, ¥ 0 is not limited to one work per day, but if you read several works, you can read the next story for free in all manga after 23 hours, so you can browse many manga at the same time for free.

◆ Over 550 exclusive and pre-delivered works!
We distribute a large number of comics that can only be read by Piccoma and comics that can be read quickly because they are Piccoma.
Of course, if you wait for exclusive / advance delivery, you can read it for ¥ 0.

[Popular work being delivered! ]
・ Only I can level up
・ The villain turns the hourglass over
・ Retry ~ To the strongest Shinsen again ~
・ Definition of villain
・ The Great Mage who returned for the first time in 4000 years
・ What will the strongest king do in his second life?
・ Possessed by the duke’s maid
・ God of Blackfield
・ The ending of the villain is death only
・ Be careful of the villain

◆ You can read the latest volume at the best price!
If you purchase the latest volume of the “Volume Reading” manga on the day it is delivered, you will receive a bonus coin.
If you want to read one volume at a time, please use “Volume Reading”.
* Magazines, separate volumes, and works with less than 200 coins are not eligible for the bonus.

◆ You can read a lot of manga for free without waiting “¥ 0 +”
Even if you charge “Wait for ¥ 0”, if you have a ¥ 0 + ticket, you can read “Wait for ¥ 0” target episodes for 11 or more episodes a day for free. The ¥ 0 + ticket can only be used for the target work and will change depending on the period. Please continue reading your favorite manga using the ¥ 0 + ticket that you can get just by launching the app every day.

[Topic ¥ 0 + works]
・ Salaryman Kintaro
・ Akagi-A genius who has landed in the darkness
・ Adelaide
・ Baki the Grappler
・ Roppongi class-One-shot reversal story that sticks to the belief-
・ I will stop secretary anymore
・ Gakuen Alice

◆ A large number of abundant genres are distributed!
Love, horror, mystery, fantasy, drama, action, sports, underworld, underground, everyday, TL
We handle a wide range of genres such as BL, gag manga, light novels, and manga magazines, and can be enjoyed by both men and women.

◆ Free campaign is underway at any time!
We are delivering campaign works such as free multiple volumes and free whole volumes that you can read in large volumes for free!
If you wait, unlike the ¥ 0 work, it will be for a limited time, but you can read a lot for free.
◆ No ads
Since there are no ads in the viewer, it is comfortable to read and you can concentrate on the manga and read it quickly.

◆ Lots of fun events!
We regularly hold events where you can earn coins for free, such as bingo, quizzes, and attendance events.
If you earn coins at the event, you can also read paid works.

◆ Safe and secure official app
Piccoma is a regular version distribution service with a content license from the copyright holder.
Unlike the pirated service, you can browse manga safely and securely.

[SNS account]
We distribute Piccoma’s work distribution information and advantageous event information.
Official Twitter account
Official Facebook account

[Recommended environment]
Android OS 5.0 and above

If you have any requests, questions, or problems, please contact us using the inquiry form in the “Piccoma” app.
My Page> Help> Contact Us

Detail ピッコマ – 人気マンガが待てば無料の漫画アプリ

Nama Aplikasi : ピッコマ – 人気マンガが待てば無料の漫画アプリ

Versi : 5.20.9

Tanggal Update : 2021-02-17

App ID : jp.kakao.piccoma

Total Install : 5,000,000+

Total Ratting : 10.0

Gambar Foto Screenshoot ピッコマ – 人気マンガが待てば無料の漫画アプリ

UPDATE – Versi Terbaru Download Gratis Disini

Download ピッコマ – 人気マンガが待てば無料の漫画アプリ


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